Coiled Tubing

CT and stimulation services scopes of work

With its state of the art equipment and extensive years of personnel experience, PICO Energy’s CTS  brings to its customers superior solutions with outstanding service delivery at their fingertips.

Our portfolio offers a wide range of field equipment, software, acquisition systems and chemical solutions engineered and delivered to clients’ locations wherever it would be.


Lifting services 


The injection of nitrogen into the fluid column within the production conduit to initiate fluid flow from the wellbore and production from the reservoir. Nitrogen lifting through a coiled tubing string is a common technique used in well kickoff.


Displacement services


The injection of nitrogen into the fluid column in a pull-heading technique to displace the killing fluid to get the well into an underbalance condition.




The removal of wellbore-fill material, such as sand, scale or organic materials, and other debris from the wellbore. Many reservoirs produce some sand or fines that may not be carried to surface in the produced fluid. Accumulations of fill material may eventually increase in concentration within thelower wellbore, possibly restricting production. Clean out may be for (sand-scale, etc…), usually using nitrified gel.


Acid stimulation 


The treatment of a reservoir formation with a fluid containing a reactive acid. the matrix acidizing treatment improves the
formation permeability to enable enhanced production of reservoir fluids. At treatment pressures below the fracture pressure of the formation. The coiled tubing enables a good jetting and penetration condition in the exact wanted area
while avoiding the formation damage.


Scale removal and inhibition:


Scale-inhibition treatments involve squeezing a chemical inhibitor into a water-producing zone for subsequent
commingling with produced fluids, preventing further scale precipitation. Chemical removal is performed with different solvents according to the type of scale: Carbonate scales such as calcium carbonate or calcite [CaCO3] can be readily dissolved with hydrochloric acid.


Acid wash


A wellbore acid treatment designed to remove scale or similar deposits from perforations and well-completion components. Acid-wash treatments generally do not include injection of treatment fluid into
the reservoir formation, can be applied using both through tubing or pull heading techniques.




Coiled Tubing has the ability to perform drilling and milling operations under live well conditions with the assistance of positive displacement motors (PDM’s). Coiled Tubing provides an ability to mill formation in an under balance or balanced condition while preventing damage to the formation from drilling




The application of technique using fishing tools for the removal of junk, or fish from a wellbore. The key elements of a fishing operation include an understanding of the dimensions and nature of the fish to be removed, the wellbore conditions, the tools and techniques employed and the process by which the recovered fish will be handled at surface.


Coiled Tubing Units


Injector Head:


Injector Model Dimensions Snub. Pull CT size
Height (CM) Width (CM) Length (CM) Weight (TONS) Capacity (lbs) Capacity (lbs) Range (Inch)
HR 680 377 110 140 4.50 40,000 80,000 (1 ¼ - 3 ½)




Brake – Fail safe, Modular

Brake Actuation – Automatic, loss of pressure

Minimum Chain (Tubing) Speed:

Low Gear Only – Less than 3fpm

Maximum Chain (Tubing) Speed:

Low Gear – 108 fpm

High Gear – 200 fpm

Rated Tubing Pull:

Low Gear – 80,000lb

High Gear – 47,000lb

Rated Snubbing Force:

Low Gear – 40,000lb


Coiled Tubing Reel (Drop in Reel):


Tubing (QT-900):


Frame Dimensions:

L x W x H (Cm) = 432 x 260 x 367

Drum Dimensions:

D x W (Cm) = 364 x 198


Specified outside diameter Specified Wall Thickness (in) Estimated Tube Length (Ft) Σ Estimated Tubing Weight (Tons)
1.5 0.134 15,200 16400
1.5 0.134 16,100 17000
1.5 0.134 16,500 17500
1.5 0.134 6,500 8500
1.75 0.134 16,500 25000





















Control Cabin:




(Cabin Assembly) 7.50 ton


Length = 496 cm

Width (without ladder) = 249 cm

Height = 249 cm

Control Panel

All Necessary Controls Martin Decker 24 hours duration Teleflex Digital Screen for Acquisition System Data Acquisition System Software, described in separate section.

A.C. Unit (Options Available):

Electrically Powered - 120V AC or 220V AC from our Generator

Hydraulically Driven - Compressor Driven


Exterior Lights - 2 Flood

Interior - 2 ( 230 VAC, 50H)


Power Pack:




Power Pack (full) -  8.2 ton


Detroit Diesel Series 60 -  400BHP

Loaded Speed - 2100 rpm

Engine Controls:

Engine Throttle - Electric

Fuel Kill - Electric

Emergency Engine Kill - Electric

Injector Pump Vent - Manual/Hydraulic

Starter - Air


Length = 381 cm

Width = 260 cm

Height = 248 cm



Fluid Pump Unit











No. Items Single Pump Unit Twin Pump Unit
1 Detroit Diesel Series 60 One Two
2 Transmission One new Allison 4700 OFS Two new Allison 4700 OFS
3 Triplex pump SPM TWS‐600S Two SPM TWS-600S
4 Plunger Size 3 ½ ", 4" 3 1/2", 4 "
5 Maximum Pump Rate 10 bbl / min 19 bbl / min
6 Maximum Pump Discharge Pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi
7 Centrifugal pump Mission Magnum Mission Magnum
8 Displacement tanks dual compartment 20BBL
(10 BBL each) with Agitator
dual compartment 22 BBL
(11 BBL each) with Agitator
9 Weight (With Iron) 16 ton 19 ton
10 Dimensions (L x W x H) Cm 713 x 260 x 260 785 x 259 x 258




































N2 unit


Max. Working Pressure 10,000 PSI
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 15,000 PSI
Max. Flow Rate 3,000 SCF/min
Min. Flow Rate 200 SCF/min
Estimated Pump Weight 8 Tons
Pump Dimensions (L x W x H)Cm 225 x 244 x 249














Nitrogen Tanks


Operating Pressure 65psi
Gross Capacity 2110USG, 8000 litres
Net Capacity 2000USB, 7600 litres
Materials of Construction, Inner Vessel ASME SA 240 TP 304
Materials of Construction, Outer Jacket EN10025-2 S275 J2CS
Insulation Cryogenic Super
Vacuum minimum 20 microns (warm)
Loss Rate 0.8%per day
Tank Weight (Full) 11 Tons
Tank Weight (Empty) 5 Tons
Dimensions (L x W x H) Cm 300 x 244 x 259