Drilling Fluids Technologies - DFT

PICO Energy’s drilling fluids services was the first Egyptian drilling fluids company to operate with international standards in Egypt. We have evolved our clients’ relationships and have become partners with them. PICO Energy’s drilling fluids are pioneers in providing tailored, high-technology and cost-effective solutions for your operations.


Drilling Fluid Systems

  • Spud Mud "Gel / Polymer Mud"
  • LSND Systems
  • Salt Saturated / Polymer Systems
  • KC1 / Polymer Systems
  • KCI / Glycol / PHPA System
  • DFT Silicate System
  • Drill-It System(Amine Based System)
  • Drill-In Systems (Mono valent salt DIF)
  • Drill-Vers (Di valent salt DIF)
  • Drill-Lo Toxic (Lo Toxic Based OBM)
  • Drill-Flat (Flat Rheology OBM)


Completion and Workover Fluids

  • Providing a complete line of fluids and additives that optimize and improve production of hydrocarbons. Our service lines include all systems that cover all the required densities. We are utilizing both of simple salt up to high densities brines.


Other Services

  • Solids control equipment
  • Waste Management
  • Bulking & pumping of dry products
  • Running & storage of Liquid mud plants
  • Mechanical & chemical casing cleaning  
  • Filtration units
  • Production Chemicals
  • Software Capabilities
  • Hole Cleaning Index
  • Surge & swap
  • Rheology modification & optimization
  • Bit hydraulics
  • Pressure calculations
  • ECD management
  • Predicted pump pressure and many other data