Quality, Health, Safety
& Environment


Today, PICO’s Integrated Management System (IMS) is compliant with the quality assured & quality controlled ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards and are the core of everything we do. Its Machine shop is also API approved.

Our IMS is designed to ensure that we consistently provide reliable and efficient services, through established risk-based processes that are integrated within all daily work routines and practices. Comprised of 13 Key Components, our IMS provides a roadmap to help achieve our corporate goals and strengthen our position as a leading provider of oilfield and fabrication services to the global energy industry. It serves as our guide for setting priorities, managing risk, improving performance and ensuring customer satisfaction every day.

PICO Energy holds several API certificates, Arnco licenses, ABS certifications, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certificates.

Operational Excellence 624 624 PICO Energy Group

Operational Excellence

Our Commitment 624 624 PICO Energy Group

Our Commitment

Our Safety Culture 624 624 PICO Energy Group

Our Safety Culture

Incidents and Near Misses 624 624 PICO Energy Group

Incidents and Near Misses

HSE Management System (HSEMS) 624 624 PICO Energy Group

HSE Management System (HSEMS)

Safety Comes First at PICO Energy 624 624 PICO Energy Group

Safety Comes First at PICO Energy


Effective management of the health, safety and welfare of our workforce and protection of the environment, is an overarching priority for PICO Energy.

We invest heavily in our drive to achieve and sustain the highest standards of management control and employee culture with the aim of operating efficiently, responsibly and safely in harmony with our society.

In doing so, PICO Energy has pioneered in utilizing its global integrated management systems, hence developing an internationally used library of material, literature, lessons learnt and shared experiences across the globe in its locations.


This works to implement occupational health management systems and support management on all health matters, promoting medical, occupational and public health to fulfil the vision of achieving workforce wellness whilst providing quality medicinal, therapeutic, preventative and emergency medical care.

PICO and its contractors have a responsibility to report all health performance indicators and maintain records of occupational illnesses. An occupational illness is defined as a work related abnormal condition or disorder which is mainly caused or aggravated by exposure to health hazards at work.

PICO Energy’s HSE advises its people continuously on how to achieve and maintain optimum health and productivity for its employees through provision of expert medical, occupational hygiene and public health advice.


This works to ensure the personal and process safety of our people, contractors and assets are achieved. Driving the message and continuously developing systems to ensure the importance of our staff and contractors working in safe conditions are paramount.

In applying the highest international standards and global expertise in HSE, PICO Energy has indeed developed a trend in continuously decreasing its TRIR over the last decade.

Health and Welfare, Operational safety, Process and technical safety, Environment, Incident investigation and Road Safety are the true core of PICO Energy’s ideology reflected in its quality and service. We strongly believe that operational excellence will be only achieved in objectifying a zero tolerance attitude towards these ideologies.


PICO Energy aspires not only to operate in an environmentally responsible fashion but also to contribute to the vision of being the best company in its class. PICO Energy is leading many environmental initiatives and takes pride in being a leading company in its sustainable operations.

PICO Energy is fully compliant with all industry best practices on health, safety and environmental standards. The group lives its motto “Safety is a team effort”

The company’s integrated QHSE management system is the heart of operations at all subsidiary companies
Key certifications held by PICO includes:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • API

Management Commitment

PICO Energy’s policy; Our Management Commitment plan communicates our leadership’s commitment to establishing, implementing, executing and continually improving.

Documents & Records

Our Integrated management system clearly outlines the roles, responsibilities, and procedures required to structure the document management, document control, and records and information management processes within our processes to effectively support our operations.


Our Compliance program — including our Code of Conduct and related policies, standards, and procedures — ensure that the Company, its employees and representatives maintain the highest standards of integrity.


Our Employees work together as one team, unified by its ethics and objectifying client satisfaction.

Safety & Environment

Our HSE Management System establishes the framework and methodology by which PICO Energy’s HSE goals and objectives are achieved, including our global Target Zero: “Zero Injuries, Zero Incidents and Zero damage to the Environment”.

Competency & Training

Our Competency Assurance Program provides a methodical approach for organizing and structuring the instructional processes from which individual personnel competencies can be assessed and attained, to ensure that we have the right, competent crews for every job to reduce risk and improve performance.

Operations Risk Management

PICO Energy’s program establishes the procedures for standardizing a Risk Management process by identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling the associated risks.

Supply Chain Management

PICO Energy’s SC system outlines the policies, procedures, and standards governing the management of all procurement and logistics, to provide cost-effective and on-time support to all its operations.

Customer Focus

Customer requirements come first! our doctrine is “Quality begins and ends with the customer and we strive to always satisfy their needs.” This is reflected in our flexibility and fit-for-purpose solutions – both as individuals and as an organization.

Operations Planning & Execution

Our Operations Planning and Execution system outlines a proven, systematic approach to minimize non-productive time, downtime, risk and cost; through implementing, monitoring, tracking, and adapting specific procedures and processes in order to achieve Operational Excellence.

Asset Maintenance Management System

Our MMS is based on decades of experience and analysis of our historic maintenance data, with continual improvement at the core.

Management of Change – MOC

Our MOC program is designed to ensure that the effects of a change – intended or unintended – are recognized and addressed in order to minimize potential hazards and risk.

Audit & Assessment

Our IMS Audit and Assessment Program establishes the framework and methodology used to conduct IMS audits and assessments in order to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of our IMS.

Continual Improvement

Our program provides a strategy and framework to find innovative and reliable solutions, while ensuring we continually seek to be better, every day.