Timeline Stories

Hard Banding Services Introduction

Hard Banding Services Introduction 959 622 PICO Energy Group

Introduced state-of-the-art hard banding services to the Egyptian market

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VENUS JackUp Refurbished

VENUS JackUp Refurbished 500 334 PICO Energy Group

VENUS JackUp was fully refurbished to meet client’s requirements for…

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AMAL C Platform Project

AMAL C Platform Project 666 500 PICO Energy Group

EPC Projects: awarded a mega project; AMAL C Platform in…

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Supply Boat Services

Supply Boat Services 1600 1063 PICO Energy Group

PICO Energy started up the Supply Boat Services.

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PEMEX Contract

PEMEX Contract 300 300 PICO Energy Group

PICO Marine Services landed PEMEX contract for Cantarell field.

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PICO Marine Certification

PICO Marine Certification 500 334 PICO Energy Group

Obtained International Marine Certificates: ISM DOC SMC

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PICO Technologies – The Group’s Technology Arm

PICO Technologies – The Group’s Technology Arm 558 369 PICO Energy Group

Established in Houston, Texas, USA, PICO Technologies LLC is the…

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PICO Integrated Services

PICO Integrated Services 633 707 PICO Energy Group

Introduced total drilling management services/contracts for the oil and gas…

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PICO Energy

PICO Energy 1600 1063 PICO Energy Group

First Egyptian holding company providing full-fledged petroleum services.

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PICO Group Established

PICO Group Established 150 150 PICO Energy Group

PICO Group was founded back in 1974, initially operating in…

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