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EPC Projects

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EPC Project

PICO Energy’s newest addition, EPC Projects, is fully committed to clients by engineering, designing, constructing, installing and delivering landmark projects with the most advanced technology that create long-term progress and economic growth. Born as a giant in its field, PICO Energy’s projects’ services guarantee reduced costs, lower installation and intervention costs, and simplified project management. From sea swift platforms to complete offshore structure overhauls, PICO Energy’s offshore dominance has only just started.

Client: Amal Petroleum Company
Location: Gulf of Suez
Water Depth: 23 Meter
Functions: Un-maned Platform with 6 Slots, Testing gas lifts & water injection facilities
Structure: 350 Ton Jacket – 340 Ton Piles and 420 Ton Top Side.


EPC Project:

  • Bringing Mature Field Technologies to the Gulf of Suez
  • EPC Projects inaugurated by a mega Platform AMAL-C

Scope of Work:

  • Platform AMAL-C – to be adjacent and connected to Platform B.
  • Modification of Platform B.
  • Extension to Platform A.
  • 1.3 Km of Pipeline between AMAL A and AMAL B.